Strategy For Improving Performance and Competitive Advantages of Export-Based Shoe Msme in Bogor in The Free Trade Competition


  • Gen Gen Gendalasari Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi Kesatuan
  • Triandi Triandi Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi Kesatuan


strategy, mapping, performance, competitive advantage, export, free trade, shoe area


Cooperative and MSME development is a strategic step to foster a level of development and become a concern both nationally and internationally. Based on the statistical data of the business unit, the number of MSME businesses is 62.9 million business units, of which the most are micro-enterprises with a percentage of 98.70% (Ministry of Cooperatives and UMKM, 2018 @KemenkopUKM)

The specific objectives of this research are as follows: 1) Availability of evaluation and mapping of shoe MSMEs in Bogor, in the form of information relating to problems and solutions. 2) Availability of recommendations regarding the development of shoe MSMEs The results showed 1) several attributes, including production processes, production equipment, production control, buildings and facilities, markets, quality standardization, business management, capital, and promotion need to be improved. 2) Shoe MSMEs need better guidance in terms of production processes and production facilities in the form of equipment and training assistance to produce more high-quality products, as well as assistance in coaching in the promotion and promotion of market share both domestically and internationally.

Keywords: Strategy, mapping, performance, competitive advantage, export, free trade, shoe area