Sequential Explanatory Analysis About the Relationship Between Personality, Organizational Culture and Emotional Intelligence With Lecturer Performance


  • Budi Harni Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi Kesatuan


Personality, Organizational Culture, Emotional Intelligence, Lecturer's Performance


Abstract. The objective of this study is to examine the correlation between independent
variables such as : Personality, Organizational Culture and Emotional Intelligence as
independent variables and the dependent variable lecturer's Performance
was conducted on 107 part-time of lecturers who selected by proportional random sampling
of 3 (three) high school economics in Bogor City,
This study used type of combination methods that is sequential explanatory design that
begins with a quantitative study then deepened with qualitative research. The purpose
qualitative research after the implementation of quantitative research is to obtain a
clarification of the result of quantitative research, whether qualitative research deepens,
proves and gives meaning to quantitative data or otherwise aborts the results of quantitative