The Education Prepare in Industrial Revolution 4.0 in China


  • Rakhmatullaev Shokhrukh MINZU University


Education, Industrial Revolution


Abstract. This Paper Discuses about China's recent experience with structural shifts and
industrial policy also the larger implications for existing theories of industrial policy.
The arrival of the Industry 4.0 era will break many traditional concepts. There are many
incredible changes in our lives. For example, there are robotic waiters in China now, which
means that the future work of "endplates" will be " Instead of being replaced by nonhumans;
online education has gradually become commonplace, which means that you can
learn from top-notch teachers without going to a prestigious school. The reforms, the
direction and principles of our education are also undergoing changes, such as the recent
reform of the college entrance examination reform direction: the difficulty of strengthening
the language, the difficulty of weakening mathematics, the English can be tested in advance
to take the highest scores and other measures, have proved One point: education needs to
change with the changes of the times. In the era of Industry 4.0, the most valuable will be
the value of "people". Everything that can be replaced by "machines" will become the least
valuable, only those unique. The value that can't be replaced and created by human beings
is a rare resource. Personally think that people are the most valuable