Identifying The Causes Why Some of The Households in Bogor Have Not Yet Utilized The Service of The Tirta Pakuan Water Company (PDAM) of Bogor


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Household Consumer PDAM


Abstract. PDAM will remain focused on improving the quality of services with a variety
of planned development programs. With strong commitment and strong cooperation,
PDAM is optimistic to serve 100% of the people of Bogor City by 2019. Currently, the
number of Bogor Household Households served by PDAM is 138,705 from the number of
Households 261,898 (BPS Kota Bogor, 2017).
What factors caused some people of Bogor City not to utilize drinking water service from
PDAM? What strategy does PDAM use to reach 100% service target by 2019?
This study is to find out why some Households in Bogor City have not utilized PDAM
service yet. And this research uses relationship analysis, to identify the influence of
revenue and availability of PDAM pipeline installation network to Household interest to
become PDAM customer.
The result of the analysis shows that there is no strong relationship between Household
Income and Punishing Network Instability of PDAM Installation, to Household Interest to
become PDAM's customer. of the 402 respondents used responded, as follows:
A total of 192 respondents are interested in becoming a PDAM customer, by reason of
need, drought anticipation, deep well water and decreasing water quality.
A total of 85 respondents who stated hesitantly gave the reason, that well water is still
feasible, because of the cost factor, because still living in contract house, PDAM is often
problematic, depends on the surrounding neighborhoods, and the availability of alternative
water source.
A total of 125 respondents who expressed no interest in the reasons, that related to financial
problems, living in rented houses and taps are often problematic.

Keywords: Household Consumer PDAM