Influence of Flower Service, Service Value and Customer Satisfaction to Customer Loyalty

(Case Study at BMC Hospital Bogor)


  • Rafika Hardini Wako University
  • Sulistiono Sulistiono Wako University


flower service, service value, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty


Abstract. The Flower of Service is core pruduct thath have in common on additional
services elemen. there are two kinds of suplementary services, first supplementary services
that make it easy, required needed to service or to give relief in the use to core product,
second, supplementary services that strengthens, have added value to customer, servie
value or we know value of service is a thing wich effect costumer satisfacion to buy or use
goods or services offered, while consumer loyalty that is change to form a prospective
buyer be a customer loyal and a client company.
The purpose of this research is (1) to know the influence of Flower of Service to Customer
Loyalty (2) to know the influence of Service Value to Customer Loyalty (3) to know the
Influence of Customer Satisfaction to Customer Loyalty.
Based on the results show that the regression equation: Y = 18.594 + 0.004X1-075X2 +
0.353X3 + error where this result means that if the Flower of Service is 1 then the alue of
consumer loyalty will increase by 0.004 and have a non- significant relationship between
the flower of service to customer loyalty, if service value is 1 then loyalty level will
increase equal to -075 and have no significant relationship between service value to
customer loyalty and if customer satisfaction is 1 then consumer loyalty value will increase
equal to 0.353 have significant relation between customer satisfaction to loyalty customer.

Keywords : flower service, service value, customer satisfaction, customer loyalty