Resolution Toward Restorations of Carita Beach Tourism Area During The Period of Covid-19 Pandemic


  • Rima P Batubara STP Bogor
  • Riani P Ishak STP Bogor
  • Nazmatul Azrolia STP Bogor


Pandemic, Carita Beach, Recovery Strategy


The Covid-19 pandemic has caused a significant decrease in visiting tourist of Carita Beach. Regulations for
outdoor activities ruled by the Government change frequently and are quite difficult to be implemented in tourist
areas. The research aims to find out the problems faced during the Pandemic and to determine strategies to
restore tourism activities in the Carita Beach tourist area. The research uses qualitative methods by looking at
the phenomenon of tourism activity during the pandemic. Research respondents are policy practitioners and all
parties in charge of this tourist area. The results of the study found that the problems of the Carita Beach tourist
area during the pandemic were due to frequent changes in policies, the difficulty of tourism executors in following
the changes of regulations, the lack of monitoring of tourism operations, the lack of availability of health facilities
and the lack of socialization of tourism standards during the pandemic. The solutions for the recovery of tourism
activities are carried out by implementing tourism standards in accordance with health protocols and the CHSE
program, increasing human resources and providing tourism supporting facilities and infrastructure.

Keywords: Pandemic, Carita Beach, Recovery Strategy

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