Implementation of Risk Analysis In The Local Shoes Industry Case Study on Metro Kreasi Shoes Bogor


  • Rania Septiani Institut Bisnis dan Informatika Kesatuan, Bogor
  • Sinta Listari Institut Bisnis dan Informatika Kesatuan, Bogor


risk, small business, shoes industry


Risks in an industry are things that can happen in an industrial process that can be a threat to the sustainability of
business management, especially in terms of human resources, production, marketing, capital, finance, and law.
If a business cannot manage risk, then industrial activities cannot run effectively and efficiently. So a review of
industrial risk analysis needs to be implemented so that industrial results are more optimal. The purpose of this
study is to determine the production process, review what industrial risks are experienced, and control risk
management. The place of research conducted by the author is at Metro Kreasi Shoes Bogor JL. Ciomas Kreteg
no 392 Padasuka District Bogor which is a company engaged in the shoe-making industry. The results of the
evaluation in this study indicate that the risks that exist in the local shoe industry can be prevented and minimized
with good risk implementation and optimal risk management controls. So if it goes well it will produce fast,
quality and quantity production and can make customers feel satisfied and loyal to Metro Kreasi Shoes.

Keywords: risk, small business, shoes industry