Development of Social Entrepreneurs As The Main Driver To Improve The Quality Of Life To Alleviate And Women's Independence


  • Ani Mekaniwati Institut Bisnis dan Informatika Kesatuan
  • Sandy Wibisono Institut Bisnis dan Informatika Kesatuan
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  • Nadia Sabila Hanifah Institut Bisnis dan Informatika Kesatuan


sociopreneurship, innovation


Building a social enterprise or social entrepreneurship is now increasingly becoming a trend among the world community, including Indonesia. In several other countries, entrepreneurship is also continuously encouraged to overcome the problem of poverty, especially in rural areas, by utilizing local potential as a basis. The ability of social entrepreneurship opens the participation of many people by itself to solve various social problems such as unemployment, malnutrition, etc. Community members also become productive and have better expectations about their future. Social entrepreneurship includes more than just economic activity, which has been a ray of hope for communities that need help from more fortunate groups. In running their social businesses, these social entrepreneurs usually find sustainable solutions to the problems they focus on. Social entrepreneurship can also build strong relationships between individuals in a network in the context of social and economic relations. Social entrepreneurs create meaningful bonds in advance to facilitate them in doing business. With this, emotional support can emerge from each other and have a significant impact, not only for groups of people in need but also for fellow entrepreneurs. Social entrepreneurship is an effort built to overcome the problems that exist in a community group, such as economic problems, public health, education, environment, sanitation, and so on. By constantly innovating and experimenting with the latest technology, social enterprises are continually trying to fill the gaps in the lives around them. Not only that, businesses that are run for the good of the community will increase confidence in local identities and help develop local community confidence in their ability to be financially independent for women, to be more independent and earn income to improve the welfare of their families.

 Keyword : Social entrepreneurship,innovation,social problem