Relationship Between Patient's Trust Towards The Visit Level Of The Outpatient Clinic During The Covid-19 Pandemic At Melania Bogor Hospital


  • Bayu Prasetyo Soedargo Institut Bisnis dan Informatika Kesatuan
  • Henry Sumurung Octavian Institut Bisnis dan Informatika Kesatuan


patient trust, outpatients behavior, sem, marketing mix strategy


WHO's decision regarding the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020 had many impacts on the pattern of human life. Human behavior in consumption, including in undergoing health care and treatment, has shifted and changed. The hospital as a place to handle Covid 19 patients gives a sense of worry to most outpatients, to check their health according to the schedule of visits or their health needs. Hospitals in providing outpatient services have made several efforts aimed at maintaining patient confidence that the spread of Covid 19 in hospitals can be more controlled.

This study aims to determine how much influence the patient's level of confidence in the Covid-19 pandemic situation has on outpatient behavior. Several aspects of concern in this study are: health protocols in hospitals, efforts made by hospitals to control the spread of covid 19, and the general condition of the level of spread of Covid 19 in the city where the hospital is located.

The research method used a survey method, non-probability sampling to 104 outpatient respondents at Melania Hospital, Bogor, recorded in the previous year (2019).

The analysis of this study uses Structural Equation Modeling to analyze the factors that influence the patient's level of confidence. In addition, the results of the questionnaire were also analyzed by description and cross tabulation on aspects of respondent biodata and outpatient behavior.

In general, all (10) variables studied have a positive influence on the respondent's level of confidence. Furthermore, the variables can be analyzed in order from the highest to the lowest. Based on this analysis, this study provides recommendations in the form of a marketing mix strategy for hospital management in carrying out outpatient services related to the Covid-19 Pandemic situation.


Keywords: patient trust, outpatient patient behaviour, SEM, marketing mix strategy