The Effect of Brand Image On The Purchasing Decision of Xiaomi Smartphone

Case Study On IBI Kesatuan Students


  • Denta Purnama Institut Bisnis dan Informatika Kesatuan


brand image, purchase decision, smartphone


Brand Image is part of a brand that can be recognized but cannot be spoken, such as a symbol, special lettering or color design, or the customer's perception of a product or service represented by the brand. It can also be said that brand image is a concept created by consumers for subjective reasons and personal emotions. Purchasing decision is an integration process that combines knowledge to evaluate two or more alternative behaviors and choose one of them..

This research is a Korean research using a survey method with a questionnaire instrument containing statement items to obtain data on brand image and data on purchasing decision making. The population in this study was IBIK students. The sample in this study was 100 IBIK students. The value of the validity of the instrument is 0.874 and the reliability is 0.957. The data analysis technique uses the F test at a significant level of 5%.

And the results obtained from the research that brand image has an influence on purchasing decisions, this is indicated by the t count of 13,563 which is received greater than t table of 2,021 and is supported by a significance value of 0.000 which is smaller than 0.05.


Keywords: brand image, purchase decision, smartphone