Descriptive Analysis of Vocational Program Students’ Perception About Service Quality of Marketing Unit in IBI Kesatuan


  • Febry Lodwyk Rihe Riwoe Institut Bisnis dan Informatika Kesatuan
  • Tubagus Dicky Faldy S. Noor Institut Bisnis dan Informatika Kesatuan
  • Mumuh Mulyana Institut Bisnis dan Informatika Kesatuan


information technology, msme, marketing, social media


As technology advances, trends in the business world are becoming more varied. One of them is the digital marketing trend. Digital marketing is a marketing activity or promotion of a brand or product using digital media or the internet. The purpose of digital marketing is to attract consumers and potential customers quickly. As we know it,

development of the times in order to survive. The rapid growth of internet and telephone users is a potential for the national digital economy. This is an opportunity and a challenge for the business world to compete and gain market share in each segment. Market share is one of the business strategies that must be carried out by every business because market share can also be used as a benchmark in determining business success in controlling the market. An ineffective business strategy will bring losses to business people

This is a big challenge for MSME actors who only sell products from physical stores. The impact of the industrial revolution 4.0 will certainly greatly affect MSME actors who are not yet technologically literate. MSMEs that still sell manually will certainly be crushed by the existence of e-commerce which actively attracts customers to shop online, especially during the current pandemic.

Assistance in the use of Social Media for MSMEs equips training participants to have the ability to use Social Media Marketing optimally so that they can market products and services more broadly, which in turn will increase turnover in sales.



Keywords: information technology, social media, marketing, msme