Management Of Covid-19 Until The Recovery Phase And Its Impact For Indonesian Economic Growth


  • Jan Horas Veryady Purba Institut Bisnis dan Informatika Kesatuan


recovery phase, pandemic management, economic growth


The Covid-19 pandemic is currently entering its 2nd year, in which countries in the world, including Indonesia are facing considerable health and economic pressures. The government has put a lot of effort into dealing with this pandemic. The objectives of this study are (1) to analyze the handling management of Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia, (2) to analyze the effect of Covid-19 pandemic and the government's handling to Indonesia's economic growth, and (3) to analyze Indonesia's readiness to enter the recovery phase. Handling management of Covid-19 in Indonesia has been successful, which includes 3 things: quick government response, bold policy choices between economic vs health considerations, namely "living peacefully with Covid-19" and stimulus policies. Statistical testing shows that the Covid-19 pandemic has a negative and significant impact on Indonesia's economic growth, and handling management of Covid-19 has a positive and significant impact on Indonesia's economic growth. Daily cases have decreased and the reproduction rate (R0) is less than 1, as well as a vaccination program that is being implemented properly to establish herd immunity, Indonesia is ready to enter the recovery phase in 2021, and the IMF predicts economic growth will reach 4.8%.



Keywords: Covid-19 pandemic, recovery phase, handling management, economic growth