The Impact of Information Technology Management on Student’s Learning Satisfaction


  • Nani Cahyani Institut Bisnis dan Informatika Kesatuan
  • Marwan Effendy Institut Bisnis dan Informatika Kesatuan


it management, student satisfaction, higher education


Ever since Covid-19 pandemic hits the world in 2020, not excluding Indonesia, it brings impact in implying government’s mandatory learn from home (LFH) system in the education world as an alternative that must be done. The usage of information and communication technology through the internet currently become a primary need, especially in the online learning process in order to optimize learning process, both for students and teachers. In order to sustain the fluency of the activity, a great quality of service is needed so students, as service receiver, feel the ease and the learning process may run well and smoothly. The purpose of this research is to inform the impact of information technology convenience, system quality, and information quality on students’ learning experience satisfaction. This research is conducted in IBI Kesatuan Bogor using qualitative and quantitative datas from primary and secondary data with 180 sample participants. Data has been tested for validity using multiple regression analysis. The result shows that information technology convenience and information quality positively and significantly impact students’ learning experience satisfaction, while information system quality has no significant impact on students’ learning experience satisfaction. Therefore, it is expected that the used management of information technology in learning process be easy to use and understood by students and it is recommended to fellow users inside and outside of IBI Kesatuan.


Keywords: information technology management and college student’s satisfaction