Assistance And Training Of Product Packaging Innovation For MSMEs In Bogor City


  • Arde Lindung Pambudi Institut Bisnis dan Informatika Kesatuan


packaging, msme


Packaging is one of the spearheads of selling a product. Packaging has a very important role because it will always be related to the packaged commodity and at the same time it is a selling point and product image. This selling value increases when the resulting product gets added value from attractive packaging. While the product image is related to the product image in the minds of consumers, it will be better if the product is packaged well, in other words the product can give a good impression to consumers. The general objective of this activity is to provide training on how MSME business actors in Bogor City can develop product packaging so that the products produced are in great demand by consumers so that they can develop their businesses well and be able to contribute to economic development in Bogor City.



Keywords: Packaging, MSME