Empowerment Of PKK Members Of Kelurahan Katulampa To Utilizing Surrounding Materials For Economic Value


  • Danti Astrini Institut Bisnis dan Informatika Kesatuan


ecoenzyme, community service


This community service activity (PKM) aims to increase the competence of PKK women in Katulampa Village in processing organic waste into something that has economic benefits. The increasing number of household waste every year is a problem for all elements of society. To help reduce the capacity of the TPA (Final Disposal Site) it is necessary to raise public awareness to reduce waste together. The methods used in this training include (1) lectures to explain the benefits and manufacture of ecoenzymes, (2) discussions to find out how far the trainees understand the training material, and (3) Playing videos on making ecoenzymes. This community service activity has been carried out and is running smoothly in accordance with the objectives to be achieved, as well as getting good results. In general, the training participants, namely PKK women, Katulampa Village, Bogor City, gave a positive response to the overall implementation of the training. This is because the material they get from this training is in accordance with their needs and raw materials are easy to get in the surrounding environment. Suggestions for further community service activities are that activities like this need to be carried out regularly so that the benefits that can be felt by participants will increase.



Keywords: Ecoenzyme, Ecoenzyme, Community service