Ecoenzym Development Training For Graha Aradea Housing Communities To Reduce Waste And Empower Community Economic


  • Diah Kusumayanti Institut Bisnis dan Informatika Kesatuan


ecoenzym, empower, economics


Ecoenzym is the one of way to improve environtment quality. Ecoenzym training programe in Graha Aradea residence have purpose to reduse  home waste dan  increase their empowerment. This training program show how to make home waste into useful product.  Ecoenzym have may usage, among them are as antiseptic,  to wash the cloth, plate, to clean bathroom,  make water quality is better,  etc.  The methode of the training are show how to making ecoenzym from home waste,  how to mix the home waste, sugar, and water to be ecoenzym, and explain how to use this product, and explain how to sell ecoenzym.



Keywords: Ecoenzym, empower, economics,