The Effect Of Electronic Word Of Mouth And Brand Image On The Decision To Use E-Commerce Shopee Services Case Study Of Shoppe Customers In Bogor City


  • Rosaria Damayanti Institut Bisnis dan Informatika Kesatuan
  • Nani Cahyani Institut Bisnis dan Informatika Kesatuan


Electronic Word Of Mouth, Brand Image, marketing


In today's modern era, the internet is becoming more and more sophisticated and continues to grow. The rapid development of the internet has caused the internet as a medium of information that cannot be separated from people's lives today and Indonesia is one of the countries that has the largest internet growth after China and India. This growth tends to form online buying and selling transactions. The development of the internet has made e-commerce a best-selling place to buy and sell. Because, the goods or products come from the website itself and provide opportunities or places for other people to sell their products easily. The emergence of e-commerce creates very tough competition. Many e-commerce sites provide the best services, including ease of use of applications, quality and completeness of goods sold, varying price ranges, trusted e-commerce brand image, and so on. The purpose of this study was to analyze the effect of electronic word of mouth and brand image on the decision to use Shopee's e-commerce services (a case study of shoppe customers in the city of Bogor). The number of respondents is 110 respondents who are taken using Shopee. Processed with SPSS version 25, the results of the study are (1) Electronic Word Of Mouth has a partially significant positive effect of 3.993. (2) Brand Image has a positive and partially significant effect of 5,324. (3) The influence of Electronic Word Of Mouth and Brand Image together has a positive and significant effect simultaneously of 27,530 on the decision to use the service. So it can be concluded in this study that the variable Effect of Electronic Word Of Mouth and Brand Image plays a role or contributes to the decision to use the service with an R-Square value of 60.5% while the rest is explained by other variables.