How Customer Experience Affect Repurchase Intention: A Case Study at Café Warung Kopi Tepi Sungai Depok


  • Maidar Simanihuruk Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bogor
  • Lovita Susan Audilla Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bogor


Customer Experience, Repurchase Intention, Revisit Intention


Building customer experience is an important part of a marketing strategy because experience is the main stage to win customers' hearts. After they feel how the quality of products and services, customers will provide good information to other customers. The higher the customer experience, it will clearly affect consumer satisfaction and will directly affect the consumer's desire to revisit and buy the products sold. With a not-so-strategic location, Café Warung Kopi Tepi Sungai has several advantages. It has comfort and a quiet rural atmosphere that makes customers happy. With the experience provided in the form of the best service and providing a different atmosphere from existing cafes, consumers will feel happy, comfortable and make Café Warung Kopi Tepi Sungai is the main choice for repurchase. The purpose of this study is to determine the impact of customer experience on repurchase intention at Café Warung Kopi Tepi Sungai. The method of research used is quantitative methods in order to obtain more comprehensive, valid, reliable, and objective data. The sample consists of 101 customers who visited the café. The factor and regression analysis were used for the data analysis. The results of the study showed that customer experience significantly contributed to the repurchase intention (t = 8.356 > t table with a significance of 0.000 (ρ < 0.05). The customer experience at Café Warung Kopi Tepi Sungai has a dominant influence in influencing repurchase intention with the interior old design, unique style atmosphere, and customers are interested to revisit this Café. The author makes a suggestion, recommends paying more attention and developing the website to establish direct relationships with customers and needs to be improving its services, add new menus, and maintain the cleanliness of this Café. Then, Café Warung Kopi Tepi Sungai will become the customer's first choice.