Perancangan Sistem Informasi Manajemen Stok Gudang Dengan Metode Object Oriented Analysis Design

Studi Kasus Pada PT Bayu Ardi Triyana


  • Ade Mulyana Institut Bisnis dan Informatika Kesatuan



application, warehouse, storage, website


An information system is a collection of information contained in a database using information technology models and media used in decision making within a company. In a company, information is something that is important to support the decision-making process by management. Every company or shop must be familiar with inventory or stock of goods. Inventory is the stock of goods which is usually related to the sales and purchasing departments. PT. Bayu Ardi Triyana is a company operating in the IT Solution sector which still uses manual methods to collect data on outgoing and incoming stock so that many errors can occur and result in stock differences between the written data and the goods in the warehouse. Therefore, a system for recording stock availability, incoming and outgoing goods is needed at PT Bayu Ardi Triyana to assist in its business processes. With the system built, it is hoped that it will be able to improve company performance. Object Oriented Analysis Design (OOAD) is an analysis method that examines requirements from the perspective of classes and objects encountered within the scope of the problem that directs software architecture based on the manipulation of system or subsystem objects. OOAD is a new way of thinking about a problem by using models created according to concepts around the real world. The basis for creation is an object which is a combination of data structure and behavior in one entity.


Keywords: Application, Warehouse, Storage, Website




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