• Devanny Gumulya Universitas Pelita Harapan
  • Ernest Irwandi Universitas Pelita Harapan
Keywords: SME, Product Design, Artisans


Small micro enterprise is one of the important factor in Indonesia
economy, due to its capability to employ high number of workers. Product design
is one of disciplines that really close to SME in particular handicraft SME.
Product service system (PSS) is an innovation strategy that shift focus from
selling products into selling value combining product and service into one
integrated solution for fulfilling customer demand. With PSS approach, hopefully
Banten UMKM can be nurtured in terms of value. Wira Multi Agung, Bamboo
Hat Community, Pelangi Crochet, Pak Budhy Workshop are the four SMEs
studied in this paper. These four SMES arer selected because they represent the
variation of SMES in Banten. From observation and interview several issues are
identified such as there have been lack communications between designer and
artisans in Banten and among other stakeholders.
Therefore, the research output is to make network platform that connect
multistakeholder with a vision to preserve Banten craftsmanship and encourage
handicraft SMES moving toward sustainability. There are three PSS solutions
offered.. First database for UMKM handicraft and designers that communicates
their expertise and portfolio. Second is a subscription do it yourself kit the result
of designer and artisasns collaboration effort. Third is a marketplace for every
stakeholder involved in the network to share information, expertise, material,
tools and problems.

Keywords : SME, Product Design, Artisans