• Fahira Nur Aqilla Institut Pertanian Bogor
  • Farida Ratna Dewi Institut Pertanian Bogor
Keywords: financial behavior, financial literacy, MSMEs


Financial literacy is the ability of individuals to apply financial
management both in obtaining and evaluating general information intended for
decision making and to see the consequences received. Financial literacy is
directly related to the behavior of individuals in managing finances so that
individuals can obtain welfare in the period of no longer productive. One of the
targets of financial literacy is the perpetrator of SMEs. Based on that, then object
in this research is SMEs in Bogor Regency. The purpose of this study is to analyze
the characteristics, the level of literacy and its effects on financial behavior on the
perpetrators of SMEs Bogor Regency. The technique of collecting data is done by
literature study, interview with related parties and questionnaires through
questionnaire dissemination as a respondent document. The method of analysis
used in this research is descriptive analysis and multiple linear regression. The
independent variables used are financial literacy on general knowledge,
insurance, credit and savings, and investment. While the non-free variable of
financial behavior.
The result of the analysis shows that the average of financial literacy level
of SMEs perpetrator in Bogor Regency is 59.90% which means that the level of
financial literacy is still in the low category. While the results of other analyses
indicate that financial literacy about general finance knowledge, saving and
credit, insurance and investment have significant effect simultaneously to the
behavior of finance through F test while the result of t-test indicates that only
literacy about saving and credit and literacy about insurance which has a
Significant influence on financial behavior.

Keywords: financial behavior, financial literacy, MSMEs