• Fatimah Abdillah Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi Pandu Madania
Keywords: smartphone, competition, Korean Brand, Chinese brand


The number of smartphone users in Indonesia is high enough today. The
phenomenon that occurs provides an opportunity and also a sign that the
competition between smartphone brands in Indonesia is quite strong. In further
discussion determined two smartphone brands that will compare the
characteristics of Samsung and Oppo. In addition, also presented several other
factors that are important to know in determining the choice of both smartphone
brand. This study is qualitative descriptive, where the results of interviews and
observations provided by 15 respondents smartphone users will be elaborated and
analyzed further. Comparison of response to the two smartphone brands that have
a large market share in Indonesia shows that smartphone customers do not see
the two smartphone brands are in the same class. Samsung as a brand that comes
from Korea first exist in the market in Indonesia and has a variety of value
advantages for its customers. In contrast to Samsung, Oppo as a Chinese brand
dominate the lower middle market segment. Another brand-building strategy used
to compete in the Oppo segment can be one option for Samsung to compete more
strongly with Oppo.

Keywords: smartphone, competition, Korean Brand, Chinese brand