• Maria Clara Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi Kesatuan
Keywords: UMKM, Promotion, Culinary, Product, Entrepreneur


Promotion media applied by Ayam Suwir Nn.Clara is one of the latest
innovative things that is promoting food products online through social media
instagram and facebook. This shows that business in the culinary field is showing
rapid progress by utilizing the sophistication of today's technology.
The purpose of research that is useful to 1) find out the methods used in
promoting Ayam Suwir Nn.Clara 2) find out constraints on the nature of the
promotional system in applied 3). Learn from the meaning of promotions applied.
So this research can have good purpose and benefit for writer and reader. The
results of this study have the deepest meaning that the business of food products
can already take advantage of technological progress. Through the promotional
media applied through instagram and facebook greatly affect the turnover that is
given from Ayam Suwir Nn.Clara. And the utilization of this technology to be one
form of positive impact of the use of social media is good.
The conclusion from the results of research shows that the food products
from the processed chicken can show very rapid success for the producers
because the chicken meat in the process to give its own attention for its customers.

Keyword: UMKM, Promotion, Culinary, Product, Entrepreneur