• Permata Isny Maghfira Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi Kesatuan
Keywords: UMKM, Innovation, Development, Product


Basically, an innovation in business is the ability to apply creative
solutions to problems and opportunities to improve or to improve business
performance. The number of competitors in the field of SMEs puppet craftsmen
encourages SMEs CV Andra Toys to implement product development strategy and
innovation so as not to lose compete with the same company with the field.
The purpose of this research is to 1) find out the development of product
innovation, 2) know what obstacles that occur in the development of product
innovation. This research was conducted directly through interviews with owners
of SMEs CV Andra Toys with data analysis method of descriptive study.
The conclusion that can be taken is to have a product SMEs dolls to be
one business opportunity is quite promising because the doll always has a place
of hearts of consumers and have SMEs Dolls must also have the innovation to
always develop products made so as not to lose competitiveness with other
competitors. Innovation is very important for companies to promote the SMEs it.
Many factors and obstacles can affect product innovation.

Keyword: UMKM, Innovation, Development, Product