(Studi Kasus Minuman Sari Buah)


  • Rae Secioria Universitas Indonesia


Advertising, semiotics, symbols, behavior changes


One important element in helping the successful marketing of products
and services is to use advertising. Advertising is the process of delivering
messages or information as well as a bridge between producers and consumers in
introducing product excellence. In the ads display, there are messages delivered
through various signs of language or images used by marketers to attract
consumers to the product.
The ambiguous nature occurs when the sign is interpreted to be
interpreted in a variety of ways, then a semiotic approach is needed to further
explore the hidden meaning behind the mark in the ad view. The semiotic
approach aims to explore the nature of the sign system that goes beyond the rules
of grammar and syntaxes that regulate the meaning of the text is complex, hidden,
and dependent on meaning. Signs classified in semiotics include icons, indexes,
and symbols. Symbols are universally agreed upon rules or agreements. Symbols
created by marketers are able to lead consumers to buy the advertised product.
This research is a qualitative research using semiotic analysis. The subject
of this research is a flavored beverage embedded three kinds of symbols into the
packaging. Data collection techniques conducted in the research is direct
observation of the object under study so that it can understand the behavioral
changes that occur. This study aims to determine and analyze the meaning of
symbols embedded in the packaging in the minds of consumers and the influence
of the use of symbols used in bottle packaging on the purchase behavior of
consumers taste drinks.
The results of this study reveal that the response occurs when potential
buyers see the symbol contained in the packet can provide stimulation in
processing information that has been previously through the meaning of Barthes
stratified the theory of denotative and connotative so that affects his emotions in
the purchase decision.

Keywords: Advertising, semiotics, symbols, behavior changes