Author Guideline

LANGUAGE: Manuscript must be written in Indonesia or English with English and Indonesia Abstract. English must be written in Italic font.

FORMAT: Manuscript should be typed double spaced, font Times New Roman 12 pt on one face of Quarto paper. A 3,5 cm margin should be left all sides.

TITLE: Title must not exceed two lines and should reflect the content of the manuscript. The author’s name follows immediately under the title.

ABSTRACT: Abstract must not exceed 200 words, and should comprise informative essence of the entire content of the article, using font Times New Roman 10 pt, one space in one paragraph.

KEYWORD: Keyword should be written following a summary not exceed 5 words.

TABLE: Title of tables and all necessary remarks must be written both in Indonesia and English. Tables should be numbered. The uses of point (.) and spacebar in all figures in the indicate a decimal fraction, and a thousand multiplication respectively.

LINE DRAWING: Line Graphs and other line drawing illustrations must be drawn in high contrast black ink. Each drawing must be numbered, titled and supplied with necessary remarks in Indonesia and English.

PHOTOGRAPHS: Photographs submitted should have high contrast, and must be supplied with necessary information s line drawing

REFERENCE: Reference must be listed in alphabetical order of author’s name with their year of publications.